The Road Map of Influence Chain

The entire Influence Chain team is a group professionals from all over the world, with Rain as the general leader, and Lv Gang, Luyao, Washington, Vic, Corey, Will and Kevin as our core technical team members.

Also, we have external reviewers, including Buyfund, Gingkoo, GBC, etc.,ensuring the quality of Influence Chain as well as delivering our commitment to the public

We have three principles guiding our road map. Firstly, considering community development and its needs; secondly, proceeding from real scenarios, as well as conforming to the original vision of the block chain; thirdly, coordinating the pace of research and development in order to resist the applications with the idea that commercial interests overweigh the application of scientific prudence.

At present, we are in the first stage--the basic application stage. We are focusing on the combination of the Blockchain technology and the traditional Internet to create user-based Blockchain products, and take full advantage of the characteristics of Blockchain to optimize the existing Internet application scenario.

Influence Chain has developed the following sectors at this stage.

Influence Chain Web: Help users understand Influence Chain better Influence Chain Web: Help users understand Influence Chain better and complete user registration

Cent Rocket: The world's first digital asset quantitative investment engine

Influence Exchange: The world's first digital assets exchange perpendicular to influencer

Influence Wallet: Blockchain Digital Wallet based on INC ecosystem

The community built behind the Blockchain ecosystem is a critical success factor. We are very grateful to our Influence Chain community, where our members have been so patient and willing to help each other. We will build the road map with our community members together, and make it one of our most powerful supports.

Influence Chain intends to solve the problem that the existing smart contract model has, which is the lack of real landing applications. We have deployed the leading ideas of the relevant programming language theory into the design of smart contracts.

We put resources allocation on two parallel researching tracks. One of the priorities is to accomplish fast user accumulation and low-threshold operation management, which is a difficulty for commercial applications with existing Blockchain technology. Another focus is on the trade-off between anonymity and asset loss rates for digital assets, and we try to solve the problem of the loss of digital assets that cannot be retrieved under the premise of anonymity and centrality.

Open platform is the next stage of our development, which is necessary for Influence Chain to be fully commercialized, in the following milestones:

We will introduce two major techniques—INCID and INCPAY, and provide open platform and merchant platform for developers and merchants, offering standardized services.

We have a countdown timer that indicates when the next updated version of our road map was released. We are opening channels for communication with the community. Our road map comes from our community members and also serves for them.

Basic Application

The start of Influence Chain marks the results of the last two years’ research and a year’s development. We hope that the Blockchain technology is not only used on exchanges, but can also be applied to other Internet products with extensive user base, which will bring real benefits to people.

Influence Chain will make substantial improvement on the core components after the basic application phase is stabilized and perfected. Influence Chain will make substantial improvement on the core components. The main purpose of this development phase is to enlarge the user base of Influence Chain. Most of the work focuses on the processing of the network layer, to make the overall system achieve high cohesion and low coupling state. Meanwhile, the application of AI based investment strategy algorithm in Cent Rocket and the application of layered deterministic multiple signature algorithm in INEX are all new attempts.

We can see the integration of INCID and INCPAY in the open platform stage.

The core of the public Blockchain stage is the protection and notarization of decentralized digital assets.

Open INC withdrawing

A function that releases the INC in batches according to the release rules, allowing investors to submit applications for withdrawing specified quantity of INC and keep in personal wallet.

Influence Chain Web

Progress 100%
Open Recharge/Purchase

According to the signal provided by AI quantitative engine, Cent Rocket formally lifted the ban on the recharge/purchase function.Investors can view the new profits on the same day.

Cent Rocket

Progress 100%
Initiate matchmaking transaction

A function that matches the orders from buyers and sellers, and K-line graphs and matchmaking transaction records are automatically formed.

Influence Exchange

Progress 100%
Transaction packaging status design

The time of transaction packing is generally determined by the efficiency of the miner's checking, which differs from instant payment, and we hope to have a better experience of waiting which generated by the decentralization.

Influence Wallet

Progress 100%
About the design of authentication method

INCID is designed to simplify or standardize the process of identity authentication and binding. The traditional authentication method requires the user to submit too much information, and we designed face recognition to simplify that.

Influence Identify

Progress 80%

Platform opening

In the platform opening phase, we will first launch INCID as the general account of the entire ecosystem, and then INCPAY, which helps developers connect the INC payments to their applications or websites more conveniently.

The open platform is only available to partners and influencers in the early stage, and will be open to all developers in the future.


In order to ensure that the INC user information can be quickly used to complete the account creation in the applications or websites in INC ecosystem, we will open API/SDK in the open center soon.


Progress 50%

In order to ensure that the INC wallet can be quickly used to complete the payment in multiple scenarios in the applications or websites in INC ecosystem, we will open API/SDK in the open center soon.


Progress 80%
Open central site construction

The open of central site will be the guiding site for developers to use the core functions of INC, except for API/SDK. We will also provide systematic solutions.


Progress 50%
Merchant center site construction

As a liquidation system for the commercial use of the INC wallet, the merchant center will have functions such as record inquiry, automated liquidation and data report, so that merchants can use INC as the circulating currency.


Progress 0%

The public chain of Influence Chain

All present Blockchains renounce registration to promise the anonymity. However, INC advocates that the promise of anonymity should also be compatible with the practical advantages of the existing mature account systems, which will lead to the closer link between the Blockchain community and the real world, which we call “Social Bionics”.

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